In a world full of monsters... I'd rather have my very own forum RPG.
Hosting - FREE
Looking to have your website hosted? Well look no further, this site offers that very service! There's just a few prerequisites in order to get your website on it's way.
  • Please purchase your own domain names! Carnivoran will not be responsible for purchasing these domains. However, there is an option of having a subdomain with Carnivoran, but this requires ".carnivoran" in your domain name.
  • Carnivoran expects hostees to be profecient in CSS/HTML, as well as other web development languages, and will not be responsible for coding your website.
  • It is required that you, and your staff team, have completed documented information on your site upon inquiring. This may include, your forums plot, site rules, game dynamics, etc.
  • All future hostees must have an active staff team of two or three individuals, or are, at the very least, looking to expand their staff team in the near future.
Terms of Service
As far as hosting goes, anything is game. Want a forum RPG? Got it. Want to create a custom portfolio? Got it. Just want to dick around and practice your hand at coding? Yes Sir, we got it. There are just a few terms required, that must be agreed to, and upheld, upon creation.
  • Do not create hateful or discriminatory enviornments. Your site must not demean others in any way, shape, or form. All sites are expected to create warm, and welcoming enviornments to all, whether the site is a forum RPG or otherwise.
  • Always credit content creators, whether they're artists, writers, coders, or otherwise. Hostees are expected to properly credit those that have contributed to the makings of their website, regardless of your feelings torwards that creator as an individual — always, always credit, and never remove said credits.
  • Carnivoran has zero tolerance for theft of art, codes, and written content. Hostees must not use artwork, codes, or any content made by creators without their written permission. Should hostees be found using stolen content, or even allow stolen content to be used by their memberbase, the site can, and will be taken down until corrective action is taken.
  • All hostees must have Carnivoran's affiliate button within the index of their website.
contact me
Hi my name is Layla, and I'm pretty fucking lame, but most people know me as Hart, Chip, or Asshole. I made Carnivoran with the intention of offering hosting services for forum RPGS, and other websites, but I also do some codey and art things too. If you're interested in either of these things, please message me via discord at laylalame#8878, email at, or send me a note at - Dont worry, I don't bite... much.
All content found on Carnivoran created by Layla H. (laylalame) or any other creator may not be copied, edited, or used in any way without written permission. This includes artwork, stories, characters, as well as codes, and deliberate plagiarism will not be permitted.

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