Carnivoran offers a variety of services for those of you in search of a custom tailored forum of their very own. Carnivoran offers basic hosting services as well as other services which include: skinning, digital artwork and more! For further information on other services Carnivoran has to offer click the links above and further explore the site.

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Open! - 3/3 Available
Hosting - $35.00 / yearly

Carnivoran offers minor hosting services for those of you looking to kickstart your very own website. Carnivoran will offer minor support should your website have issues pre-launch as well as post-launch Should there be more of a demand for hosting services, future yearly fees may drop in price.


- Those looking to be a Carnivoran hostee muse have purchased their own domain names. Carnivoran will not be responsible for purchasing these domains. However, there is an option of having a subdomain with Carnivoran, but this requires ".carnivoran" in your domain name.

- Carnivoran expects that hostees be profecient in CSS/HTML as well as other web development languages and will not be responsible for coding your website.

- If inquiring about hosting, please provide infromation of what your site is about.

- All hostees must have Carnivoran's affiliate button within the index of their website.


As far as hosting goes, anything is game. Carnivoran is willing to host a variety of websites and will try to be very inclusive to your needs. Carnivoran only asks that hostees do the same and do not create hateful or discriminatory enviornments.


Looking for a custom skin of your very own? Carnivoran offers skinning services for those of you looking for a unique look for your upcoming website.

Minimal - $75.00

coming soon!

Advanced - $125.00

coming soon!

Premium - $175.00

coming soon!

Posting Tables

In need of a posting table of your very own? Carnivoran offers simple to complex posting tables custom tailored to you in both html and css. Please note that Carnivoran is not responsible for hosting any css documents. When requesting css ask the site you wish to use the css table if their forums are compatiable with css. If you are unsure how to use css in forums, it is highly recommended that you request tables that are strictly html.

Simple - $3.50

Simple posting tables includes scrolling or expanding tables with minimal features.

Advanced - $7.00

Advanced posting tables includes additional features to an expanding or scrolling table such as hover affects, tabs and more.

Digital Art

coming soon!


If you are having issues with your forum (whether you are hosted by Carnivoran or not) feel free to contact me by submitting an inqiury within the contact form provided or reach me at thehartless.deviantart.com, thehartless#8878 at discord, thehartlessartist@gmail.com or privately message me at any of the forums I may frequent. However, do realize that those hosted by Carnivoran have first priority in support services and that I may not always be available or knowledgable enough to effeicently help you resolve an issue.


All content found on Carnivoran created by Layla H. (thehartless) or any other creator may not be copied, edited or used in any way without written permission. This includes artwork, stories, characters, as well as codes and deliberate plagiarism will not be permitted.

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